khalu restaurant Menu


Crispy Fried Chicken Wings$10

Three crispy and juicy chicken wings, served with spicy mayo and sweet & sour sauce

Salt & Pepper Calamari $16

Served on a garden salad

Loaded Chips$16

Chips loaded with pull brisket, cheese, spicy mayo and smoky BBQ sauce with pulled beef brisket


Garden Salad $6

Balsamic dressing

Coconut Slaw$6

Rice & Beans$6

Basmati rice cooked with red kidney beans, coconut cream, herbs and spices

Cassava Chips$10

Served with tomato sauce

Fried Ripe Plantains$7

Served with tomato sauce

Jerk Chicken at The Rubber Chicken


Fish & Chips$25

Lightly battered hand cut Australian Blue Grenadier and balsamic garden salad

Pulled Beef Brisket$20.50

Pulled slow cooked beef brisket, served on brioche bun, coconut slaw, smokey BBQ sauce, spicy mayo on a brioche bun

Jamaican Grill Jerk Chicken$22

Grilled Jerk chicken Maryland fillet served with rice & beans, side of coconut slaw

Spicy Pork Belly Burger$22

Grilled and served on a brioche bun with coconut slaw, smokey sauce and spicy mayo

Twice cooked Fried Chicken$20.50

Tender boneless chicken fried crispy and juicy, served with chips and coconut slaw

Jerk chicken burger$20

Traditional Jamaican Jerk chicken served on coconut slaw, melted cheese with smokey BBQ sauce, spicy mayo on a brioche bun

Chicken Parmigiana$24

House made Napoli sauce, leg ham, mozzarella cheese served on chips and garden salad

Oxtail Stew$28

Oxtail slow cooked in our special spice blend, loaded with carrots and butter beans, served on rice and beans

Thai Vegetable Curry$24

Seasonal vegetable curry in a coconut curry served on rice

Salt & Pepper Calamari$24

Served on garden salad and chips


Fry Chicken$10

Fry chicken strips with chips and tomato sauce

Fish & Chips$10

Lightly battered hand cut Australian Blue Grenadier served with chips


Spanish Churros$10

Served with Nutella or caramel sauce.

Vanilla Ice Cream$8

Drizzled with Nutella


Drinks menu

If you don’t see what you want on this list, ask our staff. Our bar stock is growing weekly, based on our customers’ input.

Beer on TapGlass/Pint/Jug

Carlton Draught $6.00/$11.00/$20.00

Coopers Pale Ale $6.00/$11.00/$20.00

White Rabbit Dark Ale$6.50/$12.00/$22.00

Little Creatures Pale Ale$6.50/$12.00/$22.00


Furphy Ale$6.00/$11.00/$20.00

Orchard Crush Apple Cider$6.00/$11.00/$20.00

Beer In Bottles

Panhead XPA$8.00

Carlton Draught$8.00


Heineken 0.0$7.00

Doss Blockos Pale Lager$9.00

Hahn Ultra Crisp$9.00

Pure Blonde$9.00

Guinness Stout$9.50

Byron Bay Lager$9.00

One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale$9.00

About Our Food


The Rubber Chicken is a dedicated comedy venue with some of the best, moderately priced dining in a pub venue.

Although we do have our own take on the Classic Parma, our food is never boring, bringing the best flavours of asia to a pub fare that is sure to bring your tastebuds to a standing ovation.

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If you don’t see what you want on this list, ask our staff. Our bar stock is growing weekly, based on our customers’ input.

Red Wines Glass/Bottle

Yarrawood Pinot Noir$10.00/$44.00

Yarra Valley, Vegan Cherry, plum and spice.

Two Degrees Pinot Noir$13.00/$59.00

Central Otago Bramble and dried cherries plus a smokiness.

Lindsay Tempranillo$9.00/$38.00

Barossa Valley, Vegan Dusty mulbery, medium bodied, velvety.

Lange ‘TSR’ Cabernet Sauvignon$10.00/$44.00

Franklin River Blueberry, dark chocolate, plum and sweet spice.

The Impressionist Shiraz$8.00/$36.00

Edan Valley, Vegan Dark cherry, sweet spice and succulent.

White Wines Glass/Bottle

Criminal Minds Chardonnay $8.00/$36.00

Riverland, Vegan Ripe peaches, plush citrus, finishing crisp.

Jackson “Shelter Bay” Sauvignon Blanc $9.00/$40.00

Malborough, Vegan Gooseberry, passionfruit, juicy acidity.

Seabrook “Lineage” Pinot Grigio$9.00/$40.00

Adelaide Hills, Vegan Fruit driven, savoury, fresh

Sparkling Wines Glass/Bottle

Westwood Cuvee Blanc$8.00/$36.00

Central Vic Vibrant citrus, fine bead, stone fruit flavours.

Coppabella Prosecco-NA-/$36.00

200ml Picolo Tumbarumba Lively fresh citrus, delicate and elegant.

Rose Glass/Bottle

Criminal Minds Rose$8.00/$36.00

Riverland, Vegan Wild strawberry, rhubarb, sweet and sour cherry.